Dangs Census 2011

District : Dangs
State : Gujarat
Population 226,769
Population Density 129 Persons/sq.Km.
Male Population 112,976
Female Population 113,793
Sex-Ratio 1007
Total Literacy rate 77 %
Male Literacy Rate 85 %
Female Literacy Rate 69 %
Area (square Kilometer) 1,758

Dangs, Gujarat

Population of Dangs

Dangs district is located in Gujarat . Population of Dangs district is 226769 as per Census 2011. Dangs is 26th most Populous district out of total 26 districts in Gujarat and it is 587th most Populous district in India.The population density of Dangs is 129 Persons per square Km.It is 25th most densely populated out of 26 districts in Gujarat and it is 563th most densely populated district out of total 640 districts in india.

Literacy rate of Dangs

Total Literacy rate of Dangs is 76.8%. This means 76.8 out of 100 persons of age more than 6 years are literate. It is ranked 14 in terms of literacy rate out of total 26 districts of Gujarat and 587 out of total 640 districts of India. Male Literacy of Dangs is 84.98% while female literacy stands at 68.75%.
Note: Serchhip district(98.76%) in Mizoram has highest literacy rate and Alirajpur district(37.2%) of Madhya Pradesh has the lowest literacy rate in India.

Sex-Ratio of Dangs

Sex-ratio of Dangs is 1007 female per thousand male.
Note : Highest Sex-ratio of india is of Puducherry (1176) while lowest being from Daman district (533).
Note:All the details are as of Census 2011.

Area of Dangs

Area of Dangs is 1757.9 Sq. Km. It is 26th largest district in Gujarat and 533th largest in India in terms of total area.
Note: Kutch district(45441 sq.km) of Gujarat is the largest and Mahe district(9 sq km) of Puducherry is the smallest district in India.