Mahe Census 2011

District : Mahe
State : Puducherry UT
Population 41,934
Population Density 4659 Persons/sq.Km.
Male Population 19,269
Female Population 22,665
Sex-Ratio 1176
Total Literacy rate 98 %
Male Literacy Rate 99 %
Female Literacy Rate 98 %
Area (square Kilometer) 9

Mahe, Puducherry UT

Population of Mahe

Mahe district is located in Puducherry UT . Population of Mahe district is 41934 as per Census 2011. Mahe is 3th most Populous district out of total 4 districts in Puducherry UT and it is 634th most Populous district in India.The population density of Mahe is 4659 Persons per square Km.It is 1th most densely populated out of 4 districts in Puducherry UT and it is 15th most densely populated district out of total 640 districts in india.

Literacy rate of Mahe

Total Literacy rate of Mahe is 98.35%. This means 98.35 out of 100 persons of age more than 6 years are literate. It is ranked 1 in terms of literacy rate out of total 4 districts of Puducherry UT and 634 out of total 640 districts of India. Male Literacy of Mahe is 99.24% while female literacy stands at 97.61%.
Note: Serchhip district(98.76%) in Mizoram has highest literacy rate and Alirajpur district(37.2%) of Madhya Pradesh has the lowest literacy rate in India.

Sex-Ratio of Mahe

Sex-ratio of Mahe is 1176 female per thousand male.
Note : Highest Sex-ratio of india is of Puducherry (1176) while lowest being from Daman district (533).
Note:All the details are as of Census 2011.

Area of Mahe

Area of Mahe is 9 Sq. Km. It is 4th largest district in Puducherry UT and 639th largest in India in terms of total area.
Note: Kutch district(45441 of Gujarat is the largest and Mahe district(9 sq km) of Puducherry is the smallest district in India.