Top 4 Government Jobs in India


IAS is undoubtedly the best Government jobs in India. These have been provided with immense power and exercise full control over a district. More or less like a king of a small district with a hell lot of responsibilities.


IPS comes after IAS in preference or choices but for some Civil services topper its their topmost choice as their roles are more challenging and field oriented. There is a saying. IAS officers deal with files, but an IPS officer deals with life.

NDA Officers

Army officers are like IAS officers of Military population. They lead a royal life and no politicians or Goons can bend them or come in their way. They also lead an honest life and command lot of respect in society.

IFS Officers

IFS officers are the king of Jungle and lead the coolest life among all top government officers. Almost zero political interference and a peaceful life dealing with nature is that you can get when you qualify IFS.